Individual Results May Vary


"While in a very stressful time in my life, I "accidently" found Heather and Elan Vital Bio-Energetic Nursing and Healing arts. The treatments I received helped me release stress, to view problems from a clearer perspective, and to heal the physical effects it has had on my body. I have since brought my children to Heather as well. She has helped them to sleep better, work on focus issues, relieve headaches and joint pain. It has been a great treasure for us to experience energy therapy. I wish everyone could experience it's healing effects." 
-Brooke Appel


"For some years I had been experiencing moderate to severe pain in my lower back. It was especially troubling during 12 hour shifts as an intensive care nurse. Although I had been to doctors on several occasions the remedies they prescribed did not alleviate my pain. I mentioned my discomfort to Heather, who said she believed she could offer some relief. On two separe occasions she gave me a one hour energy session and my back pain was gone. I have had no recurrence of the pain since that time. I feel very blessed that Heather shared her healing energy with me."
-Lusine Vardanyan, BSN, RN


"I am now able to sleep on my left shoulder again, without pain!"
-Cindy B.


"I had no idea how powerful Energy Theapy was for healing. After 80 years of good use of my body, my hip began to be very painful. After only a few treatments my pain has subsided."
-Ronald James




Heather is a truly gifted Healing Touch Practitioner. She was through in taking my history and asked the right questions to help me get the best results. Before my session I was anxious, tired, and unfocused. After my session I felt relaxed, refreshed, and mentally focused. As I have continued to see Heather my issues have decreased. I appreciate Heather for her dedication to her practice and would recommend her to anyone!
-Sarah Willis
Owner of Massage Studio